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Thread: For Sale: SONY SVR 2000 $1 reserve

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    For Sale: SONY SVR 2000 $1 reserve

    Comes with Turbonznet card, 200gb hard drive and necessary cables.
    Currently configured for Telstra cable.

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    PAL tuner?

    Does it have a PAL tuner installed? Also judging by the questions on the auction, people might not realise it is used in conjunction with a Telstra or Sky or Freeview receiver box.

    TiVo Series3 TiVoHD x2

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    Nah, no PAL tuner but I might have a spare tuner lying around somewhere. I'll try and find it if you want it?

    With most trademe auctions (whether it be TiVo or not) I find people ask questions without doing any research hence the reason I posted the link to
    I don't mind answering their questions but I'm not here to educate them if they're too lazy to research.

    I'll miss my Tivo. Damn you mysky with your gorgeous picture but hideous interface! :-)

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