This in the NBR site today.

Thursday March 26 2009 - 03:52pm

TVNZ has confirmed it is entering an $A8 million deal with TiVo, the maker of a MySky-style set-top box. A TiVo service, including pay-per-view, ondemand TV and video delivered via broadband, will go live before Christmas. But MediaWorks isn't yet onboard, and TVNZ has yet to find an ISP partner.

TVNZ Chief Executive Rick Ellis confirms that his company has bought a one-third share in Hybrid TV, the vehicle set up by the Seven network in Australia, which up until now has held the exclusive TiVo license for Australia and New Zealand.

The deal involves $A8 million ($NZ9.8 million) in cash, plus an unspecified amount of air time ("There is no opportunity cost," TVNZ's CFO noted wryling at the TiVo announcment in Auckland this afternoon. "We have a lot of inventory".)

"This is not just about us bringing TiVo to New Zealand," says Mr Ellis. "This is about us participating in an Australasian business."