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Thread: IR Codes for Zinwell/DSE NZ UHF Freeview Boxes

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    Arrow IR Codes for Zinwell/DSE NZ UHF Freeview Boxes

    Codes for the Zinwell HD UHF box which is the same as the DSE HD UHF box [small black STB] have been added to the oztivo IR slice and the slice has been updated by the nztivo system.

    Models are Zinwell ZMT-620HD and DSE G7503. Both verified as identical. The IR codes were uploaded to the oztivo IR database under the DSE section.

    With these STB's you can use dual input sky/freeview and the dual headends to get all channels sky+freeview etc to watch HD you need to use HDMI so an SD tivo works fine with the standard composite outputs which only go to 576i
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    I've tried doing this and can't seem to get it to work. I used postcode 2111 and get the listings for all the Freeview HD channels so I assume I've gone in the right direction.

    What I can't get to work is the ir control of the set top box. I have gone for DSE Oztivo and get code 30008 and 30056. Neither of these work.

    Am I doing something stupid here?

    I have the DSE (rebadged Zinwell) box.

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    Emulator port

    Have you checked you checked your TiVo is connecting to the emulator on port 8000 rather than 80?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skolink View Post
    Have you checked you checked your TiVo is connecting to the emulator on port 8000 rather than 80?
    Thanks Skolink, I've checked and I'm definitely on port 8000.

    I also sent an email to the oztivo mailing list and got the following instructions from Pete which worked perfectly. I now have a fully working Tivo again and am a very happy man.

    If the NZ IR slice has been updated there should be a 30146 option available.

    Perhaps you are on the old test emulator still which does not not send the new slices.

    You can it manually if you like.

    If you haven't already, you need to register on our website at:

    1. Find your source record, easy way is to use TivoWeb, click MFS Scroll down the page to "setup" Click the number in the third column.

    2. Then after the new page opens click the number that appears next to "source=".

    3. look at the new page and write down the number that appear next to "CableBoxCodeNum =". this is your current cable box number.

    4. Go to the IR Database:

    5. Highlight and copy from (and including) the line "source /tvlib/tcl/tv/mfslib.tcl" down.

    6. Open a text editor (notepad not MSword) on your PC and paste the TCL code into an empty file.

    7. change the references to the the box number in this file to the one you wrote down in step 3. The only one you must change is in the line "set tivoir [db $db open /Component/Ir/TivoFormat/XXXXX". Replace the number where the "xxxxx" are with the number from step 3.

    8. Save the file, for example, as STB.tcl

    9. Upload the file to your TiVo

    10. Telnet/Serial into the TiVo, change to the directory you uploaded STB.tcl to and at the bash prompt type:


    You should now have a prompt like this:


    11. Now type

    source STB.tcl (or whatever you called the file)

    12. Then type the name of the procedure from Step 8. For example:


    13. Then type


    You should be back to your normal prompt.

    14. Reboot the TiVo, have a drink, cross your fingers.

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