I have US Tivo with Cacahecard and for the past 2 weeks I been trying to capture the codes for a new FTA receiver but the irSliceCreator script keeps giving me errors with the PS command and it crashes while converting the codes.

I'm not new at this, back in Feb 2007 I captured codes for 5 different receivers and they all worked flawlessly, but now I can't get this to work, it's very frustrating.

Here is what I tried so far:
- Downloading and re-installing irSliceCreator.zip and powerIRTools-0.1.zip.
- Using a different Tivo with "Cleaning and Deleting Everything" option then installing the hacks and above files.
- Tried with Harmony remote that includes the receiver codes.
- Tested different IR blasters.
- Tried capturing with the same remotes from 2007 and they don't work, the TCL file shows different code numbers.
- As a last resource installed and tried the OZTivo image v1.6 with same negative results.

Any help would be appreciated!