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Thread: CONFIDENTIAL TV shows?

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    With you on that. All the requests require programming / web dev skills that are out of my league. The we access that I know about for the guide data I update when I see / know something's missing, but other than that I can't see what is required.
    I'll put time in if I can do something within my skill base...
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    David, MrGadget thanks for the offer of help, unfortunately without the web development and interface which will allow you to check/enter in extra data to augment the guide there isn't a way to currently do this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jaidev View Post
    Could be the provider meddling with the EPG will try find out.
    Good call jaidev, this is exactly what it was; basically it was in prime time slots, so when first listed these slots were filled 'confidential', which as the time got closer were then filled with real information. Suppose some sort of competitive network thing? which seems odd since the information must be in tv guide and other mags. Anyway the nztivo setup will now not import shows titled that specific name, lets see what happens.
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