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    Question Missing Channels


    I am missing the following channels from my tivo guide data but I can view these channels using the Telstra Digital remote.

    7 -Vibe
    50 -Triangle
    60 - MTV
    65 - Alt
    71 - C & I
    74 - Documentary
    89 - Deutche
    89 - Stratos
    94 - Parliament
    95 - CNBC
    96 - Bloomberg

    I have tried going to the 'Channels I Receive' menu option but these channels aren't listed.

    Do I need to re-run the guided setup to get these channels and if so how do I do that.

    Many thanks in advance.

    Phillips HDR212 Series 1 TiVo with Turbonet Network Card, 200gb Seagate HD, and OzTiVo Image 1.4
    Slices: Saturn

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    They look like the Saturn Digital channels that aren't on the Analogue slice. Maybe change your postcode from 02115 - Saturn Analogue (Cable) to 02116 - Saturn Digital (Cable) when you run guided setup.

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