TiVo Trials Movie Download Service
By Mendelson Tiu | Tuesday | 18/11/2008

Hybrid TV has today announced the launch of its Blockbuster Movie of the Week service for TiVo that will allow users to download a film onto the TiVo device.

Launching initially to a small customer base next week, the service will be available to all TiVo users from 1 December.
According to Hybrid TV, the aim is to provide TiVo customers with the ability to road test downloading video content over the internet straight to the lounge room and understand the critical role both internet speed and download quotas play in ensuring the service is a pleasurable one.

This Blockbuster Movie of the Week service is in fact an introduction to the multitude of downloadable movie and TV content launching in March next year where the service will enable progressive downloads and greater file compression.

Hybrid TV CEO, Robbee Minicola said, "Australians have grown up with outstanding free-to-air TV content. With the introduction of a TiVo media device - they are now liberated to enjoy even more television because the TV experience can be adapted to their individual lifestyle. This new service marks a significant milestone for us - aside from growing our free Games Pack and Services Pack delivered via broadband - we can now provide another benefit to having a TiVo media device...movies."

"There aren't many products on the market today that just keep adding new services...with our product we will continue to grow the portfolio in broadband while the broadcasters grow their free-to-air digital channels. Again and again it simply proves the argument that Australians do not need to pay for television - the sponsorship model works...especially in difficult economic times such as those we are experiencing now."

"And with the full service on offer from March next year, viewers will have a choice of what movie they want to watch on television without subscribing each month for hundreds they've seen before or never want to see," concluded Robbee.

The inaugural Blockbuster Movie of the Week will be The Waterhorse followed by Men In Black, with subsequent movies released every Monday. TiVo users will be notified in the preceding week the next film to follow. The idea is that TiVo users can take a careful exploratory look at downloading content and the impact this will have on their broadband allocation.

The intention is to have effective dialogue with users about downloading content as well as recommending to them to check with their internet service provider to ensure that they have the best plan at the best price to get the most out of the full service when it launches next year.