I am trying to get tivo to record and ONLY record the "Border Security" on channel 7.

I selected by time and channel and added a season pass.

problem is records all the Border Security on Life style and Lifestyle + 2

I was just going to put up with this.

did not record todays showing. If I go to the TO do and look at history it says...

Failed to record due to recorder internal error 4

season pass is at top of list

any ideas what this means ?

how do I stop the season pass recording lifestyle channel.

I also tried to search the forum

"Failed to record due to recorder internal error 4"

but the search returns

The search term you specified (to) is under the minimum word length (3) and therefore will not be found. Please make this term longer.

why the min word lenght of 3 ??

searching for "Failed record due recorder internal error" changes the entire error search..

No match....

the wait 30 seconds for another search is pain full also beacuse even though there are not results you still have to wait 30 seconds.