As some will know, I've been having huge difficulty restarting a TiVo despite considerable expert help on the "Nz Tivo!!" thread. I've even bought a working second hand TiVo from TradeMe and that is experiencing identical problems so it looks like it may be a network issue. Have tried at a friend's house but failed there as well so starting to run out of ideas and as anyone who accesses this site will know, life without TiVo is hardly worth living.

Petestrash has now suggested it's time to test my TiVo at someone's place who already has a working TiVo. Unfortunately I live in Tairua in the Coromandel and there's no-one I know around here that has a TiVo. I'll be visiting Auckland in the next couple of weeks (totally flexible as to date) and am hoping some kind soul can offer to let me bring my TiVo in to se if I can connect from their place.

Thanks in expectation