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Thread: Keeping Channels Mapped

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    Keeping Channels Mapped

    I recently reimaged my US Series 1 TiVo so I could finally get current. Completed a successful GS against the new :8000 emulator, and all works well except my FTA channel mappings are different to the standard (Wellington) ones in the emulator. Using the ChannelMap module in TWP, I can re-educate the TiVo for the 3(!) channels I can recieve with my aerial (TV1=7, TV2=9, TV3=45). But whenever the TiVo does a schedule update all my new channels mappings are reverted back to what the emulator thinks they should be.

    Any ideas how to get my few available channels to be reliably mapped to in the TiVo?

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    If you have a US Tivo (Philips/Sony) I would suggest using the 02120 postcode (created for a VCR), where TV1=1, TV2=2 etc. Then run palmod_config and enter the frequency fine tuning option. From there you can specify each frequency, so for you TV1 = 196.25MHz, TV2 = 210.25 MHz, TV3 = 663.25MHz (values taken from the Dick Smith website).

    The advantage of this is that 1 on the remote is TV1 etc as well as solving your channel mapping problem

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