I purchased a series one philips tivo off ebay with no instructions.
Tivo has turbonet ( I installed ) ir blaster and pal tuner and is running oztivo version 1.6.2. When trying to set up the tivo it just kept trying to connect with no result. I do not think I configured my Bigpond 2wire wireless modem router correctly as I could not ping oztivo, get my tivos ip address, use serial cable or Putty it. I even attached tivo direct to my modem router and that did not work either. I have XP operating system and think that I have now fried my tivos hard drive as I am no longer able to get the set up guide screen or any tivo screen for that matter. I have tried to use the boot up cd but not sure if I am doing this correctly either. I have been all over the forums and got bits and pieces that I have tried but I'm getting nowhere.
I am not a computor wiz so need some very basic step by step guides on how to re image the hard drive ( if that is what I need to do), get network connection set up and ensure I have everything plugged in to where it needs to be. I am wiling to get a wireless ethernet bridge if that will help ( I have Analogue TV, VCR, DVD, Foxtel, HD Digital Set Top Box all running through VCR...Desktop PC cabled to wireless modem/router DCHP enabled, laptop wireless )
Any help would be a godsend.