I have come across exactly the same problem as posted almost exactly 1 year ago ( ... that's spooky ...) by Dave Hatt.


I have a UK TiVo which I had to re-image because I played with some settings and managed to cause it freeze-up immediately on startup

I re-imaged it with the same version it had ( ...before I broke it ...) - Dec06 RC1. And now, I can't get past the Setup Call screen because I get the following error message at the 'Importing' step:

Failed while loading series

I have a Freeview STB, and tried lots of combinations of options and always got this error - except for one combination which is

Aerial + Analog Cable, with postcode 2115 (Saturn Analog)

... which would be fine if I wanted to configure for a Saturn/TelstraClear analog STB

So, any advice gratefully accepted ...