This is a new forum specifically for issues regarding the Australian TiVo HD.

- On sale from 29 July
- Harvey Norman in store demo's from 17 July

They are staging the release Sydney on the 9th, Melbourne on 15th, Brisbane on 16th, Adelaide on 22nd, and Perth on the 23rd. Harvey Norman will have a 3 month exclusive for sales of the unit.

It has been reported that some Harvey Norman stores are already selling these units, and some stores will even negotiate on price. ($670 for TiVo and Wireless adapter)



* Vital statistics: The TiVo® box is 42 cms long, 32 cms wide and 7.5 cms tall
* Hard disk: 160 GB (up to 60 hours Standard Definition or 30 hours of High Definition)
* Digital sound: Connect to your home theatre system for digital sound with an optical digital audio cable (sold separately) or by using a HDMI cable
* S-Video out: S-Video provides a high quality picture. When you use the S-Video port, you'll need to connect a separate cable for audio
* Component video out: This provides a HD picture. Connects to a TV or A/V system. Use a separate cable for audio
* Composite video and stereo out: Connect the left and right audio cables (white and red) to these jacks for analog stereo sound. Connect the three coloured cables to the matching input in the TV for analogue video and audio
* Ethernet: Use this port to connect the TiVo® box to your home network with an Ethernet cable
* 2 USB ports: These connect to a USB network adaptor. The USB port will allow you to connect our WiFi adaptor
* HDMI™ out: Connects to a TV, home theatre system or A/V receiver. HDMI™ technology provides a pure digital connection for HD video and digital audio all in one cable (sold separately)
* E-SATA: This expansion port will allow you to connect a TiVo® external hard drive to your TiVo® (Not currently available)
* Antenna: Connect a Coaxial RF cable from your TV antenna to this port to receive digital broadcasts over the air


Activation of the TiVo® service enables the following features for you to use on your TiVo® box:

* Access to digital terrestrial broadcasting signal
* Dual Tuner, Digital Video Recorder (DVR) which provides the following functionality:
* Tune and record available free-to-air channels
* Record two programs simultaneously with playback of a third program which has already been recorded
* Play
* Pause
* Fast/step forward
* Fast/step reverse
* "Now Playing" list which lists broadcast and broadband recordings
* 160GB hard-drive
* Electronic program guide (EPG) for free-to-air channels, which allow you to record programs based on EPG information
* Search, which provides you with a variety of ways of finding and recording broadcast content
* Season Pass® recording feature, which automatically finds and records every episode of a series all season long
* WishList™ search feature, which finds and records programs that feature your favourite actor, director, team or even topic
* TiVo® Suggestions, which allow you to rate programs and program your TiVo® box to suggest and automatically record similar programs you may enjoy
* KidZone™, which allows you to restrict playback and consumption of television by restricting the programs that appear in your Now Playing list and channels that are viewable on live television
* Remote online scheduling via online interface to Yahoo!7, which enables you to schedule recordings on your TiVo® box using the internet (and can be accessed by logging on to You can choose to record any broadcast television program airing in the following seven days
* Access to broadband content and applications
* Access to updates and new features
* Closed captions
* Parental controls, which allow you to lock channels or set ratings limits based on content
* Support High Definition (HD) TV resolution formats (1080i, 720p, 576p) as well as Standard Definition(SD) formats
* Supports HDMI 1.2
* Supports 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios