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Thread: Can't image my disk

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    Can't image my disk

    I've got a 250gb Seagate disk that I've used in a PC for a while and have decided to put it in my newly acquired Tivo. So, I've followed all of the instructions carefully. (philips 1.6.2 image)
    The image gets written to the disk, it says doing cleanup and then I get a stream of a script flash past and finally the "its all gone wrong" error message. I stopped the script with scroll lock and it shows lots of i/o errors and a failure to find/mount the new Tivo drive. Sorry, I know I'm a bit vague, next time I'll write something down.

    So whats wrong?
    My theory is: I know the disk has got a few bad blocks and as a PC disk these are known, listed and skipped, no problems, but when the Tivo image is written it ignores the existing structure and writes to these bad blocks, this is entirely successful until the system tries to use the disk. If this is the case can I somehow get the image process to detect and skip bad blocks? Or hopefully I'm just plain wrong and this is something easy to fix.

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    The TiVo image will not work around bad blocks, and it's generally a bad idea to start with a drive that has know errors, as the drive in a TiVo is reading and writing 24 hours a day much more punishing than a PC.

    New drives are cheap, just buy a new one.

    That all said you may still be having an issue imaging the drive due to the PC, there are certain chipsets that just don't seem to work with our current version of knoppix. Try an older PC if you can.

    Please search this forum and our Website for your TiVo questions before starting a new thread. Thanks!

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