This seems to be the closest information I can find ( though unfortunately it's reading like gobbledigook to me ;-( ) to the probem I'm having which is that I'm recording off UHF Sky, which doesn't seem to have it's own lineup. In order to get it to work I've used ChannelMap to reorder the channels to how they're coming in as :
TV1 1
TV2 2
TV3 3
C4 4
Prime 5
Maori 6
Movie1 7
Box 8
Sport1 9

The problem is it still thinks it's a SKY digital setup, so keeps reverting to completely different channel lineups every now and again and screwing up the recordings.
When I spot it I can just used ChannelMap to revert to saved, but invariably miss something, so is there any way I can stop it refreshing the lineups, or set up a Sky UHF lineup?

Thanks In Advance for any help as this is really rather annoying and unpredictable!