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Thread: Picture/System Freezing

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    Quote Originally Posted by ibart View Post
    If i disconnect EVERYTHING including joiner from turbonet no freezes . IE if ANYTHING is connected to the turbonet then the freezing occurs.
    At any stage, have you tried reseating the TurboNet card? I had a similar problem (see which was resolved when I swapped TurboNet cards (luckily I have 2 TiVos). Both TiVos have been working flawlessly ever since, which implies that somehow the TurboNet wasn't sitting quite right.
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    Thanks Guys

    I'll respond to both suggestions.

    I have 2 turbonet cards and same thing happens with both. I've changed cables also. I've also had the tivo plugged into both a wired switch and a wireless bridge. For a while I thought I had it cracked with the wireless bridge but after a couple of days tivo started freezing again.

    I have wondered whether my turbonets are "genuine" (thinking it could be a driver issue) although I think I got one from George. The other I got off ebay.

    This error is completely replicable which means there is a fix somewhere.

    This fault has emerged since I upgraded from 1.3 to 1.6 (I would like to downgrade to try but I can't remember how to set up the networking or get onto the new server with the old image!)


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    Quote Originally Posted by ibart View Post
    I have wondered whether my turbonets are "genuine" (thinking it could be a driver issue)
    All variants of Turbonet's, be they originals or copies under different names, use the same AX88796 chip.
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    The drivers used in 1.3 and 1.6 are the same, they have not been updated since 2004, plus hundred of TuboNets running 1.6 don't have these issues.

    As all the TurboNet style cards use the same chip, they also use the same driver (AirNet, CacheCard, & TiVoNet are different).

    Unlikely to have 2 faulty cards, it may be an issue with the joiner. Try the card alone in the TiVo without any cable.

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