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Thread: how many current tivo users in nz?

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    Question how many current tivo users in nz?

    greetings all,

    I have been using my tivo for about 4 years now, and as you will all appreciate I wouldn't be without it. And nor would the wife

    I am curious as to how many tivo users are left in NZ now ?

    The forums are pretty quiet these days compared to 2004, probably as much to do with everyting running much smoother now, esp at daylight savings time !, but just wondered if somebody had an idea as to how many of us are left ?

    can the peeps that run the emulator look at logs and get some clues from there perhaps ?

    Also I'll take this oppurtunity to say thanks to those same people that keep my TV life running smoothly.

    Spike in AKL

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    I too am curious. My Tivo has been running flawlessly now for a couple of years and like most of us, I tend to take it for granted that the guide data and fantastic support from the Tivo community will run for a long as it makes sense to keep it running, so I would also like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU!

    Phil in Wellington

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    Our TiVo has been fantastic over the past few years too. The only issue seems to be the occasional lockup if the buttons on the remote are pressed too quickly.

    Anyway, I would like to add my thanks those responsible for keeping the whole thing going so smoothly.

    Ty in Pinehaven, Upper Hutt

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    I would say there are still quite a few. I know of 11 friends who are running them. I don't know of anyone who has stopped using one (ie they are still in use after people get FreeView recorders, etc)

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    I'm running one, an have 2 other friends in Auckland who run them!

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    I don't know the current figures, but a couple of years ago there were just over 200.

    I would hope this figure is higher now, but really only DJC can answer that.


    PS this didn't include people Like Thomson, who I believe roll there own guide.
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    I've been using my TiVo since I bought it back in the UK in 2000 as soon as they came out. It did sterling service there for a number of years and I upgraded the HD to 200GB and added an ethernet cache card. When I was moving to NZ in May 2007 I googled and found NZTiVo so packed the TiVo up and brought it over. Once I had finished watching all the programmes that were recorded before we left, I downloaded the install image (tried the Philips and Thomson images, went with the Thomson as I prefer the way the menus work) and have been using it for a little over a year now. Don't know how people cope with NZ TV without one but then that was true with British TV too which is only slightly less crap than it is here mostly, apart from the BBC of course (yay iPlayer and my UK proxy!).

    Problems with TVOne and more recently Prime but generally it works well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by spike View Post
    I am curious as to how many tivo users are left in NZ now ?
    Spike in AKL
    This was answered in a way via a message that came through our TiVo's. For those that didn't notice:
    "you are one of around ..... TiVo's operating on current [New Zealand] emulator".

    Edited by petestrash: as I have been asked not to show the current figure here. This is why it was sent as TiVo message and not responded to here.

    So it looks like NZ userbase is growing...

    I created (at least I think it was me) a Frappr map caled 'NZT Users' which was handy for seeing if there were any like minded people nearby.
    It was linked from but that is currently down.

    The Frappr map currently has 59 members.
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    Well, i went ahead and got mysky HDi installed yesterday (yeah i know) so as of last night my TIVO has been decomissioned. Sad really however with technology marching on it couldn't keep up.

    Has any progress been made regards newer units with dual tuners etc?

    The picture difference is enourmous largely due to less compression in the sky transmission for HDi boxes however there was some image degradation passing sky through TIVO

    We had TIVO for over 5 years and couldn't have lived without it, my wife almost cried when it crashed last year and I had to rebuild.

    I would like to thank everyone who assisted me from time to time when things went askew, particularly the early days before the nice easy to install images.

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