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Thread: Telstra Bigpond Shaped Usage

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    Telstra Bigpond Shaped Usage

    For the first time I have gone over the limit on my Bigpond Cable Internet
    (Installed a Microsoft WUS server (Windoes update server) did not know it would download 10 Gig worth of updates !)

    Anyway I am on the plan that gets shaped to 64/64 when you go over your limit.

    What I found interesting is TIVO is unable to get guide data when the service is shaped.

    The service went to full speed today and hey presto Guide data download worked.

    Any one else noticed this ??

    This one was a hard one to explain to the wife why Opera was not recording !


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    Yep, for 5 hours when I first bought my TiVo I thought it was just plain not working. Discovered finally that my Broadband was not working at full speed. Fixed that, fixed the TiVo.
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    Yep - spent many hours trying to remotely debug my uncle's tivo connection. It all magically corrected itself when his 64kb/s cap disappeared a couple of days later as his broadband plan went back to full speed on the next months cycle.

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    This must be a Telstra/Cable related issue.

    As I have setup a few TiVo's that use Dial-up via internet connection sharing with rates as low as 30k without any issues at all. And not to mention the internal TiVo modem is only 33.6K

    Good to have this issue recorded though thanks.

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