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Thread: Audio problem.

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    Audio problem.

    I've just updated to 1.6.2 from 1.5
    When recording or playing "watch TV" the audio is very quiet and overridden by loud "shwish, Swish" static type sound at intervals of approx 1 second. I'm familiar with the old audio problems many of us have had, and have had these sorted out for over a year.
    The config file appears mainly the same as before apart from "timing =4" where it used to be "timing =16". I've followed Pete Trashs recent advice to some-one else (a New Zealander with a different problem) and have telneted the fix for timing to now equal 16 (as it used to) but this hasn't made any difference.
    I have a "Darren King" second audio out and an analogue tuner built in. I thought perhaps I'm getting interference from one of these, however all was fine until the update...........
    Any thoughts of how to help would be appreciated;
    Cheers, Greg Norris

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    I understand that it only occured after the install,

    But there is no change that I can think of to the sound section between 1.5 and 1.6.2, infact almost all of the system files have been unchanged for many years.

    Do you have any old recordings from 1.5? do they play ok?

    What is your input source?

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    The "swish swish" is caused by a very old and outdated palmod package being used with the Mark 2 stereo mod (ie the Micronas chip replacement). This problem will be apparent on all input sources but will not affect any recordings done before the upgrade as the Micronas chip plays no part in playback.

    The "timing" setting relates to the Turbonet card and has nothing to do with palmod.

    If you chose to reinstall with a fresh CD install then you have not used 1.6.2. If however you chose to upgrade without reinstall by using the online updater scripts then it would appear it was either done wrong or maybe there is an issue with the online updater files installing an old version of palmod.

    Pete, can you investigate the updater file repository for a possible inclusion of the wrong palmod revision please?.

    If you still have the old palmod patch files that would have been used at some stage on this TiVo then install these and the sound will be restored.
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    Thankyou Peter and Darren for your replies.
    The old recordings work/playback fine.
    The online update doesn't appear to let me rerun the update again as it reads that I have 1.6.2 already installed.
    I did the upgrade using the online updater scripts.
    Are the "older" palmod files on-line somewhere? I do still have the original disk that Darren supplied with 1.5 on it. If this CD has the right Palmod files on it, are you able to explain how I get these from the CD to the TIVO using FTP. I'm not sure from which folder (cd)to which folder (tivo hard drive) and the correct file name to send.

    Since writing the above I have found a great article from Darren King on the palmod which has helped me understand what it is and does. When I telnet into /lib/modules I can find palmod.0 palmod.bak.20051128 and palmod.o.20050524. Darren does this help you identify the date and version of the palmod? I still cant find palmod.o on the 1.5 CD I have.
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    Try here.

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