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Thread: No access to Tivo via TWP

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    No access to Tivo via TWP

    I've scanned a number of sources to try and track the answer to this down, but cannot find anything. Apologies if my search skills are deficient!!


    My Series 1 Phillips Tivo ran happily for about 4 years on image 1.3 - don't think any device in our household has been more reliable. Until one day, green screen, major meltdown.

    Reimaged with 1.6.2 which seems OK, except I cannot seem to access Tivo via TWP? I can Telnet, I can FTP but no browser access. I can ping IP address but no "Oztivo" name on the network. It's probably not the Tivo but my network, but can anybody help me systematically fault find this?

    Thanking you in anticipation.

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    Been covered quite a number of times if you use the search phrase crashcount

    THis thread may help:
    Darren King
    OzTiVo Repairs and Modifications
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    then visit:

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    Thanks!! - I now have TWP back (crashcount was 19)

    You are a genius - but I trust you already knew that.

    While I have your attention - any comments on seemingly random reboots? As far as I know my Series 1 has always rebooted and I've never noticed, but now the reboots are logged via Tivo Messages I can see that I'm getting maybe 5 or 6 a week?

    I'm still curious as to why my trusty Tivo melted down in the first place (1.3 image - lost recordings, then green screen and finally reboot loop). I suspected (and still do to some extent) the hard drive (160 gig Seagate).

    Initially I put in a new 250 gig Seagate (1.6.2 image) but although guided setup seemed to be OK the guide for ABC never appeared after 48 hours - so I popped the old drive back in (imaged with 1.6.2) and it all seems OK except the reboots.


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