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Thread: TiVo remote being ignored

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    TiVo remote being ignored

    I had a case of the dreaded "TiVo remote being ignored" this afternoon.

    I time-shifted MASH this afternoon and stopped at about 17:30. I returned the box to theTiVo Central page where it stayed until 18:00, normally it returnes to live TV. At 18:00 I attempted to watch the News and the remote was not responding.

    I decided to try the Web Remote in TiVoWebPlus but TiVoWebPlus was not responding.

    Telnet'd to the box and after a very long pause it responded with the TiVo prompt. Checked TiVoWebPlus and it was not running, attempted to restart it but no luck.

    FTP'd the box and grabbed all the logs with time stamps after the point of last known working time. They are attached.

    Hopefully it will help someone track down the issue.

    Cheers Nick
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    Thanks for posting the logs, but it is just a case of the v3.0 event bug which TiVo fixed in V4.01.

    Please search this forum and our Website for your TiVo questions before starting a new thread. Thanks!

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