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Thread: Noob experience with OzTiVo

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    Noob experience with OzTiVo

    Just thought I would let you know about my experience in getting a Philips Series One HDR100 up and running with OzTiVo and using Dial Up.

    I brought my TiVo from the US for US$10 (AU$75 shipping), waited 3 weeks for it to arrive and then waited another 3 weeks before I could play with it as I was shipped out to New Zealand for work. It arrived, without a remote, IR Blaster, power cable, but at least it arrived, and I found that I could use my old Ipaq with Nevo software as a remote so at least it was not all bad news.

    My first attempted failed miserably, so did my 2nd, 3rd...... 12th attempt, I could not get it to dial home, so I made a simple serial cable, plugged it in and after realising that my PC had closed the serial port, started afresh. This time I updated the installer software to 1.24 and reinstalled the image. I found that using the 1.6.2 CD and configuring Modem support, it had not configured anything, so by following the instructions on getting Modem to work I found it still would not dial in. Then I made a break through and found that the phone cable I was using was not plugged in, as it was disconnected when I removed the ADSL from the fone port (have Foxtel and it dials in to buy FBO) So connecting it direct and I got past the first Home Call, I was relieved that I had not brought a lemon. The second Home Call failed, but that was because the missus touched the fone cable, but after a second attempt (leaving the cat in the front room and me taking the missus out to dinner) it worked. I know have a fully functional OzTiVo install, all it took was a couple of hours of setup, so now I can go and buy a spare remote and I am sorted.

    However I am not sure as to why the Network config did not stick and I am concerned that even now it will still have ,#4xx as the Dial Prefix which will stop it from dialing up in future. Does anybody know how I can get it to stay in Modem mode?

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    Edit etc/oztivo.conf

    Make sure the line that say's "nic=" has "Modem" after it (note Capital M).

    Save the file then reboot. the dial prefix should be gone and daily calls should work.

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