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Thread: Use nzTivo Image (based on 1.5) or OzTivo 1.6.2 ??

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    Use nzTivo Image (based on 1.5) or OzTivo 1.6.2 ??

    I wanted to add this message as a post to the "FAQ: New Zealand Custom Install Images" thread, but that thread is a closed FAQ.

    I am something of a Tivo newbie, but have been working my way through an old ozTivo 1.5 manual install with instructions over at the wiki. I then found that the ozTivo image is up to 1.6.2 and has improved a lot, including being able to choose the NZ emulator from a list, and connecting to the internet to update itself (the installer now does an online update from v1.23 to v1.24). Therefore I imaged my tivo HDD with 1.6.2 and have updated the to be relevant to v1.6.2 whilst keeping information unique to NZ.

    I then found the nzTivo image (there go a few hours I'll never get back ).
    So I was wondering if it is better to use the nzTivo Image (apparently based on v1.5 Aug06) or OzTivo 1.6.2 (updated in Nov06, with subsequent online updates) and select the NZ emulator from a list.

    Looking at it seems the ozTivo Image has made some significant improvements over the subsequent 4 updates, but I can't tell if it will be as compatible with the NZ new (port 8000) emulator as the nzTivo Image. It concerns me that ozTivo 1.6.2 had a default emulator port of 80 (not hard to change to 8000).

    I guess I'll suck it and see how the 1.6.2 guided setup goes in NZ. But being a newbie, I won't really know what to expect. It would help if someone who made the nzTivo changes could document what they changed.

    Its great to have found this active NZ community.

    Update 16/08/2007
    Conclusion: ozTivo 1.6.2 is quite easy to use in NZ (it's much more user friendly now and has considerable provision for New Zealand) as long as you follow the walkthrough later in the thread
    and don't do the following:
    - Don't use postcodes that are just for one city - ozTivo does not support them fully yet.
    - Don't hope to use both modem and LAN. Using both has been disabled in the current image. I have not found a way around this. In theory you can change your config from one to other with nic_config_tivo, but see below.
    - Don't use nic_config_tivo via terminal (serial) or telnet (LAN). For me, as soon as I do something in nic_config_tivo I can no longer use the modem successfully.
    - Don't boot up tivo with both LAN and serial plugged in - it will probably freeze at bootup screen.
    - Do double check connections and fresh batteries in the remote.
    But then, most of these apply to the nzTivo image too...

    US Phillips HDR112 TIVO, TurboNet, PAL Tuner, 80gb HDD. Work, Fun.
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