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Thread: Increasing Tivo Swap file

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    Question Increasing Tivo Swap file

    Hi eveyone,

    I've been trying to fix this Green Screen of Death (GSOD) issues that I started to experience on my tivo. It started to go into a reboot loop and never recovered. I read that the problem could be due to the swap file being smaller that it should be for the amount of storage that I have which is 2x 500GB drives.

    Tried the following with the disks in and out of the tivo and no luck
    mkswap /dev/hda8
    swapon -a

    I followed the following post and tried all options and still no luck.

    I then went to my last option which is to rebuild the tivo using the latest image. During the setup, I specified 510MB for the swap file size. However, after it rebooted, I telnet into the box and ran the pdisk /dev/hda command and under partition 7: Swap Root 2, it still shows 128MB. Does this mean that the swap file is back to 128MB?

    Can someone advise how to increase this to 500MB?

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    when you re-imaged did you select update installer?

    The version on the ISO has some issues with swap size, which has since been corrected in the update.

    Please search this forum and our Website for your TiVo questions before starting a new thread. Thanks!

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    Please view this thread for help on increasing the swap and its performance. About post 10 is when it gets interesting.
    I am currently running an S1 tivo with 1.4gb of swap. 700 of it on the A drive with priority 5 and 700mb on the B drive at priority 3.

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