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Thread: Tivo with freeview STB

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    Does anyone know of a STB that will also handle the Terrestrial tuning required for Prime?

    - I'd dearly love to dump the old external VCR thats my number 2&stereo tuner at the moment and replace with a single box..

    Nice work Jaidev - dual tuner Kaon sounds great to me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by inaxeon View Post
    I might have to get you to give me a hand with that, I've got a sony TiVo and I never managed to get 02110 working
    No problem, PM me and I'll give you my contact details.

    Quote Originally Posted by ehintz View Post
    Cheap, and more or less works out of box.

    Sounds like we have a winner. Which model, and whereabouts did you get 'er from?
    The model number is SRT 4620 II
    I got mine from a friend who imported some: jarrodhenderson at hotmail dot com
    I think he is willing to mail them any where in NZ (and maybe overseas)

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    Does anyone know if the following Freeview STB will work with my Tivo? In particular I would like to know if the STB IR Codes are supported?

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    Strong 4620 II works great

    Figured I'd post an update... I bought the thing last June but only got around to getting it going a week or so back. Using postcode 02110, and the built-in oztivo strong-fast settings. Did the changing zipcode thing through the UI and it all just worked. I have had to do some fiddling with my Strong box config, but I believe a newer sourced one may not need the config I had to do. FWIW I got mine from the fellow (Jarrod) mentioned above in the thread, he's been great to deal with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by petestrash View Post
    It hasn't been clarified exactly what services will be available for New Zealanders.

    The announcement about the new units is titled Australia & New Zealand, but only mentions Australia in the details leaving out New Zealand entirely.

    Worse comes to worse, I assume you would be able to pickup a UK unit or modify an Australian one.
    This is looking unlikely for us, NZ is using MPEG4 H.264 and AAC for audio.
    Unless the AUS Series 3 has this functionality, haven't been able to verify till they are released.
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    Looking to buy a new decoder since can't find appropriate codes for my old one and it has other problems anyway. It seems clear that the Strong is the way to go since at least two people on this thread have got it going, but noticed a reference to some issues around the four digit code. Since the GS asks for 2 or 3 digit options only, is this a real problem?

    And what do people usually answer to the question about the decoder needing Enter? It seems to me that answering Yes to this would have the TiVo creating an Enter code after however many digits are created by the programme change which should result in a speedier change. Or am I missing the point?


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    While I can's speak for any particular model of STB, generally what happens is that pretty much all STB will work fine if they do not receive a full compliment of expected digits as they use a process known as "code completion" where they simply make a best guess. Furthermore STB usually disregard leading zeros.

    Therefore if the channel number on the STB is 0009 and the TiVo outputs the code 009 or 09 or even a single 9 then more often than not the STB will figure this out OK.

    On the subject of an "enter" key I have always picked "no" and let the STB take care of it. STB also generally have a timeout of some sort (usually a second or so) to automatically add an "enter" key. This is also part of the code completion that STB have.

    Or if you are unsure if two or three digit combinations will work then see if you can demo the STB with it's own remote in store before you buy it, and press the keys on the remote yourself and see what happens.
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