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Thread: IR Codes for new Foxtel Satellite Box- DSN 1000

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    Smile IR Codes for new Foxtel Satellite Box- DSN 1000

    Hey all
    Just a heads up to anyone who's having trouble changing channels with their Tivo and a new Foxtel Satellite Box- the DSN 1000, which, incidently, is the DSD 1000 with a new serial number sticker. I moved house recently and went from Cable (which had worked brilliantly) to Satellite and was given a new box. Using the correct procedures in the Guided Set Up, I was unable to get an IR Code that would work (interestingly 30046 worked in set up but didn't once set up was complete). In a final desparate attempt I selected Cable instead of Satellite and chose the Pace cable box instead of the Foxtel box. I chose 20000 as the IR Code, and bingo! It works perfectly.
    Worth a try if you're having trouble getting the Tivo to communicate with your Satellite Box.


    BTW- Thanks Oztivo dudes! I love the work you've done, I'm so happy to be a Tivo owner.
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    Hey Rusty,

    I have the dsn 1000 as well and am having real issues trying to get any response from the ir blaster. Can you please supply the exact settings you used if that's ok.



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