I am looking at building a NICAM decoder for the Philips/Sony SA tivos to use in New Zealand, similar to the "Mark 1 stereo decoder" used in Australia. The tivo will need to have a PAL tuner fitted along with this additional circuit - see TunerModALPSHowTo for details of the fitting a tuner and how the "Mark 1" stereo mod is used in Aussie.

Also see NzStereoSupport for details on why we cant get NICAM sound on the Philips/Sony tivos.

The cost of the required components is estimated to be about NZ$35-40, and will use the STV8216D

Since the minimum order quantity for this part is 25 units (and I don't own that many tivos!), is anyone else interested in performing this modification before I commit? All suggestions welcome!