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Thread: Capturing IR commands for MySky?

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    Capturing IR commands for MySky?

    Has anyone done this yet at all? If not can anyone give me any idea how to do it? I can vaguely remember something about setting your TiVo up into a different boot state so it can read commands from another remote and write them to a text file but I'm sure someone mentioned it was possible to capture them through a programmable remote like say a Harmony 880? I was thinking strongly about getting a Harmony anyway (I've got 6 remotes at the moment!) so that could be an option...

    thanks in advance!

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    there has been no mention of it since you last posted in:


    As far as capturing your own look at CaptureIrCodesWithIrSliceCreator

    The harmony 880 is a great remote, but will not help with capturing codes for use in TiVo, for that you would need a Philips pronto or some JP1 style remote.

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    Sorry Peter, thought I'd posted that to the UK Tivo site about Sky+ (as it's virtually identical). Thanks for the link though...

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