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Thread: What is the future of tivo in australia?

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    What is the future of tivo in australia?

    I am new to this tivo thing and am very keen. Before I get too far into it I would like to know how long people expect the system to continue to work over here.

    Are there any problems expected in the future, like legal issues, that could stop it.

    cheers, and thanks in advance

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    It's been working for almost seven years now and will continue to do so for a long time.

    TiVo Inc know we exist and they know we are using what is for all intents and purposes a "customised" version of their copyrighted USA V3.0 software. Guide data was an issue a couple of years ago and had a minor (all of one week) legal hiccup but we now have a system in place that means the guide data is inputted by a core number of the existing community members (but of course more volunteers always welcome!).

    On the hardware side of things I have a vast inventory of spare parts right down to every electronic chip and nut and bolt in the TiVo - more than I advertise on my website - and can keep any TiVo, now or future inductees into the community going for as long as people want it to.

    But really your question is null and void anyway as a TiVo will still function without valid guide data so long as you set up manual recordings. There is no magical "switch" or software download that can render a Series 1 TiVo just a doorstop.
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    Sounds great. I hope to receive my phillips box soon.

    I have read all the info from the web pages, but will probably have further questions when I set it up.

    Thanks again Darren, and the whole Oztivo community, for all the assistance and info available

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    Yes we leave the "remote trigger of death" stuff to Blueray and Windows Vista

    Some interesting information here about why you shouldn't go anywhere near Windows Vista as a media centre. Blueray has a similar "someone in the world hacked the code so we will disable everyone's system until it is fixed".


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