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Thread: tivowebplus password required??

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    Talking tivowebplus password required??

    Hi, I have just done a reinstall of the latest tivo phillips nov 2006 image, (love the added comments on the guided setup etc as well as the space info on the recorded shows page) the setup all worked fine and I am back on the air with 600gb of space now!

    only problem is in trying to access from my pc Tivowebplus is popping up with a userid/password request?

    this is new! tried a system restart which did nothing,

    I cannot find a thread on this anywhere so is this something I don't know about or a problem with my install or the image?

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    I believe the username is oztivo and there is no password. hope this helps.

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    Thumbs up thanks

    Ripper, thats it!!

    simple when you know it!

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    The username and password is defined in the configuration file (/var/hack/TivoWebPlus/tivoweb.cfg). BY default the system should only prompt for the information if the client looks like it may be a different subnet (class C) than the TiVo.

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