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Thread: Speeding up the network connection?

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    Speeding up the network connection?

    Hey all,

    Ive got a Turbonet card in my series one tivo, its supposed to be a 100mb card, but when I xfer files using Tytools the most I get is about 1.83mb per second. Meaning for my 1 hour recordings it takes 30 minutes to transfer the file!

    Is there any way of getting the transfers over the network to run faster?

    Thanks in advance!


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    Those speeds are normal, while the card is 100mb capable the 40mhz TiVo processor is not.

    The only thing to get some improvement is to remove the inputs to the TiVo while you are transfering. this stops the TiVo from having to encode and decode the live video signal and should give a small speed boost as more processor cycles become available for transfers.

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    Bugger, ok, thanks Peter.

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