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Thread: Converting TiVo files to DVD/MPEG or similar

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    Converting TiVo files to DVD/MPEG or similar

    Hi guys

    I have installed tytools and am now able to extract video (feeling a bit proud of that achivement!!) - however am seeking advice as to best way to get the extracted files into a dvd format - (I can view on WM Player but would like to be able to put into dvd) I have looked at the forums, but some links are no longer current in posts, plus am hoping that someone who knows can point me in right direction.

    I realise that there is the capacity to convert within tytools, but was wondering if anyone can suggest a more user friendly conversion tool - or point me to the idiot's guide to creating dvd/mpeg with tytools

    Thanks in advance

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    I've actually found TyStudio to be a much better system. It supports transcoding of .ty to .mpeg.

    The TyStudio client is not compatible with the normal TyServer, it needs its own special one, however if you download a .ty file using TyTool you can then load it into TyStudio. If you don't want to uninstall the server and then reinstall the TyStudio server, then you can quite safely do this.

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    I'll second that. TyStudio is easy to use and converts on the fly. You can also edit out the adds and the start/finish stuff as well. Saves it as an MPG and I copy these to my MythTV box.

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    Thanks very much for the responses. I have downloaded tystudio and am playing with it. However cannot connect to tivo now showing and download using the tools.

    Reading the tyserver the notes on the web site the instructions say to run "./tyserver" - as I am still a novice with all this, would someone be able to quickly explain what this is. Tnhanks Michael

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    Instructions for installing the TyServer


    Stage One: Loading the file onto your TiVo
    1: First you have to save onto your computer. Put it somewhere easy to remember such as the C: drive root folder.
    2: Open a command prompt window and type 'ftp' followed by your TiVo's IP address (ie: 'ftp')
    3: Type 'cd /var'
    4: Type 'bin' (This sets the transfer mode to binary)
    5: Type 'put' followed by the path to the tyserver file (ie: 'put C:\')
    6: Type 'quit' to disconnect from the TiVo

    Stage Two: Installing TyServer
    1: Telnet into your TiVo
    2: Type '/var/' to run the install programme.
    3: Follow the prompts.
    4: Type 'reboot' to restart your TiVo

    The server should be operating properly after doing this. Make sure that you enter the correct IP when running TyStudio, otherwise it will try to connect to something that isn't your TiVo.

    Hope this helped you out.

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    Thanks you so much for your help and making the step by step so easy to follow..all working beautifully - now to master Tystudio!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MichaelHarris1 View Post
    Thanks you so much for your help and making the step by step so easy to follow..all working beautifully - now to master Tystudio!
    Lol, yeah it can be a bit of a pain sometimes. My advice to you, speaking from experience, would be to allow some room when editing.

    Like, if you wanted to chop the first minute off a video, set TyStudio to just chop say the first 55 seconds, and then do the rest in proper video editing software. Sometimes its cuts can be a bit nasty and you end up missing something you wanted.

    Also, every once in a while the TyServer may fail and then TyStudio will complain that it can't access the Now Showing list. If this happens (did to me just yesterday), then simply run through the installation of the server as above again, and it will be fixed after the next reboot. It might be a good idea to keep the install file permanently on your TV to save yourself FTPing it in should you have to reinstall. :P

    Enjoy it!

    Oh, just so you know, somewhere in the TyStudio setup options there is a place to permanently set your TiVo's IP address and the folder you would like to save output files into. Oh and if you want to transcode to a generic format that you can use in video editing software (Ulead etc) then set video format to "Generic MPEG2" and audio to "No Transcoding".

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    Thanks Woz - since our last communication I have uninstalled it and just using Tytools now as I could not get TV programs from TiVo to download withour error messages or program failing - I suspect the issue is Win XP!!

    Am using Tytools and all going OK, you also might like to look at MPEG editor at - am using trial version of this to edit the MPEGS I download, plus it's "ad detective" function is pretty cool.

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