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Thread: Update Change Hard Drives.

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    Quote Originally Posted by petestrash
    And for the record Norton's Ghost will not work on TiVo drives, because it requires booting windows which will write to any attached TiVo drive making it unbootable.

    No not really. If you make a Nortons boot disk (cd or floppy) it boots up into IBM DOS. The winblows add-on still makes the pcs that Nortons is on boot up in IBM DOS. It just makes it easier for people who can't/won't make floppy boot disk.

    I'll use the method above and after that I'll give the Nortons a test on a spare drive to see if any damage happens.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul
    Thanks Peter, I understood that but wanted to know if I could use the method given by thomson to copy my 30Gb to the 250Gb and then fix up the swap partition size.
    The mfs backup/restore is the perfect way to transfer from a 30GB to a 250GB. The commands setup a 127MB swap (using -s 127) which will work just fine on a 250GB drive.

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    Thanks for that thomson. Unfortunatly I was too impatient,I reimaged the drive and went through guided setup again. I'll file it away for future reference.



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