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Thread: Season Passes

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    Season Passes

    Do you know of a script or utility, that will allow me to change the "keep at most" settings of all current and future season passes?, preferably to "All episodes".

    I have found this script
    but when i ran it it added the amount i set to the options but changed all season passes to 1 episode? Also this script doesnt give the option to set all episodes ?


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    Anyone ?


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    Which version did you use?

    I'm not real flash on .tcl, but looking at the script in the first post and also v4, I can't see how it would have changed your existing SP's to only one episode

    From what I have read, Tivoweb uses the following commands to set the two variables you are after.

    set keepatmost [defaultval 0 [dbobj $sp get MaxRecordings]]
    set firstrun [defaultval 0 [dbobj $sp get ShowStatus]]

    Perhaps Thomson can make these defaults adjustable through the config file.

    There should also be a way to set these defaults though the mfs, but I don't know the locations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BenD
    Do you know of a script or utility, that will allow me to change the "keep at most" settings of all current and future season passes?, preferably to "All episodes".
    There is no script that I know of that does this. The "Keep at Most" setting is selected when you create the Season Pass, and there are a few ways this can be done... off the top of my head there is the On-Screen GUI, the Season Pass setup under TW/TWP, the Manual Recording module under TWP/TWP, and the Wishlist creator under TWP. Each has their own way of dealing with the setting.

    I don't know if you can change the default setting under the On-Screen GUI (as this is likely to be part of the tivoapp binary), but the other software solutions can be altered so that "All episodes" is the default.

    As far as changing the existing Season Passes you can either modify a TCL script to run through them all and change them, or perform the action through the On-Screen GUI or Season Pass manager under TW/TWP.

    From what you seem to be after I think you probably want to create a script that goes through all configured Season Passes and changes them to "All Episodes" and then schedule this to run from cron each night - that way you won't have to worry about selecting the appropriate option at the time you create them. However this will make it impossible to have a season pass with a different setting.

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