Hi all,

I recieved my turbonet in the mail today, (thanks Tim) so got stuck into guided setup as soon as I got home. Now I've hit a brick wall. During the first call it stalls at " Connecting (Preparing to call)". Here's where I'm at so far:

SVR200, imaged with 11/05 file, single 30Gb drive, 64mb swap file
Turbonet with fixed IP, cabled to DG834G router
I can ping the Tivo from another PC on the network
I can get Tivoweb up
I can telnet to the Tivo using Putty
I can get the Tivo to ping an external IP using telnet

The only thing left I can think of is a transparent proxy problem. Is there a way to confirm this? My ISP is TPG, anyone else had problems with them?

Any suggestions much appreciated.