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Thread: Tivo setup - No channel/show data?

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    Tivo setup - No channel/show data?

    Hi All, i am new here and have been trying to get my tivo running nicely for a few days after getting my network organized in my bedroom.

    I followed the instructions on the pages in Oztivo on installing the oz version software etc. and have set my tivo up on my network and can ping outside websites ie google california but when i use the web service to force a daily call i never seem to end up with any channel info on my tivo.

    I have been finding pieces of info in here which is great and have found i have the clock warped problem and have done the force_index but it didnt work so far. This morning i telnet'd in a ftp'd the ntpdate into my tivo and then did another force_index - when i go home tonight i will check to see if it has worked.

    The tivo did originally get stuck on the hanging up stage but i have done a few daily calls and they seem to be working ok as far as i know but i have yet to see evidence of it.

    I haven't worked out if i need to set my postcode somewhere - should i be doing that?

    Also i have a cheap Legend set top box plugged in to the rca ports and have the channel set to AV 0 - is that correct for me to be able to use the infrared to change channnels on the set top box? i cant quite understand how it is going to work if it thinks there is only one channel on the tivo...

    I have been thinking it might be better if i get Darren King to solder in a PAL tuner so that i get the Tivo to recognize more than one channel but from what i have read so far it doesn't seem to be neccessary.

    I must say that even with the issues so far i am pretty happy with the recording quality (i have it set to medium but will put it up to high when i can get another hard disk installed).

    I think i might do the format and reinstall just to start again fresh.

    Any commments/tips?

    Thanks, Kwijibot.

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    Hi and welcome.

    Not meaning to sound rude, but you HAVE followed the instructions for setup as per this page?:

    Apologies if you have, but a couple of your comments regarding postcode and specific setup for you STB indicate to me that you probably haven't, or didn't understand/follow them the way they were intended. Following these instructions inputting:

    a zip code of 03000
    an area code of 003
    selecting your first input source
    choosing "Yes I have an external cable box"
    and then selecting Victorian FTA digital (or similar)

    This would have at least given you a list of channels (refer to the instruction screenshots on the above webpage link). Continuing further you then select an appropriate IR code that works with your box, provided one has been created for your specific brand of box.

    It sounds to me like you have picked "A/V input" which is simply a generic one-channel input that was designed (actually it was originally suggested by yours truly!) for those with an internal PAL tuner that also wanted a generic A/V input to hook up a DVD player or a VCR or whatever to route the playing of tapes/discs through the TiVo and this option has no IR controlling capability.

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    Yes i think you might be right - i really think i have missed something...

    I did follow the guide originally but when i tried to get the daily call i got lost because i didn't have the network connection in my room and no antenna connection in the computer room.

    I think going back to the start might be the best thing for me to do at the moment and follow it step by step again.

    I am pretty sure i put the codes in but when i chose the external cable box i think i might have gone back into it and reset it at some stage.

    I will go backwards and follow the guide again.

    Thanks for clearing up where i have gone wrong Darren.


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    Darren, i managed to use the tivoweb to go back through the pal guided setup and i think it is on the way now - i think it has loaded all the channels for me this time. Thanks for your input!!

    I must have plugged the STB into the wrong rca plugs (upper ones) and also when it asked me to choose yes i have a cable box i must have said no. ( i remember going through the cable/satellite set up a couple of times while playing around)

    Anyway i have to go back through it again i think because i tried to run the test for the ir blaster but it jumped ahead to the phone call before i could run the test.

    Anyone know a good starting point for a Legend STB?

    Thanks, i have been learning heaps from you guys - oztivo is excellent - keep up the good work!!


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