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Thread: Prob with Program Guide Sony SVR2000

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    Prob with Program Guide Sony SVR2000

    I'm having a wierd problem with my Tivo. It gets the current Program Guide so I can see whats on and does this for at least a week, but when I go to record using the Pick programs to record option, there is nothing in the list.

    I can still record by using the daily guide data, but my old programs in the Season Pass manager will not record.

    any ideas?

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    Hi Welcome to the group.

    We need to know where you are located to help you, so we know which emulator you are receiving data from.

    You can add the details into your profile in the "User CP".

    But as general advice, it sounds like you may have a warped clock.

    All steps are described based on a Windows PC connected to the TiVo by a LAN. You'll have to adjust the steps accordingly if your setup is different. The represent your TiVo's IP address, adjust accordingly.

    #1. From Windows Explorer enter into the address bar.

    #2. On the explorers menu click 'Edit' then 'Find (on this page)..' (or just press ctrl+F) this brings up a search window enter the term 'warped' press enter.

    #3. If you find text similar to:

    DbGc::HandleTriggerWhileIdle -- clock is warped -- re-marking in 300 seconds

    This indicates that you have a warped clock issue.

    If the search produces no results then you do not have a warped clock and there is no point continuing these instructions.

    #5. When this line appears in the log it means that the tivo does not think it has contacted the emulator recently and will not index the guide data to allow the Season Passes and recording mechanisms to use it.

    #6. the problem is easily fixed by entering the following lines in a telnet session.

    [TiVo [p0] ~]# touch /var/timestamp
    [TiVo [p0] ~]# /hack/bin/force_index.tcl

    Give it about 30 minutes, then go into "Pick Programs to Record" then "Select By Title". You should see programs there, meaning that the problem is fixed! If not, you have a different problem.

    If you are using r1.4 of the OzTiVo image made before the 19th of April, then there is a faulty file in that release that can cause the clock to become warped.

    Download and replace the existing file in /bin using FTP or another way to do this is by entering the following into your telnet client:

    cd /bin
    mv ntpdate ntpdate.old

    Please search this forum and our Website for your TiVo questions before starting a new thread. Thanks!

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