I've had a S1 112 Phillips tivo for a few years, did the 2nd audio input mod a while ago.

I've now got the opprtunity where I live to get Foxtel again, figured go all out, get a 2nd STB, and go 'dual tuner' using two external inputs.

I have not gone to the trouble of doing a PAL tuner mod yet, as I use digital FTA anyway...

I am in Canberra.

I just cannot get it to handle 2 external foxtel STB's.

I've got the IR working fine, I can see both STB's in guided setup, chosen sat & cable. Selected the composite and svideo inputs.


There does not seem to be an option (at least selecting ACT), to choose a 2nd Foxtel Digital guide data. Only Free to Air and Transact.

Since transact is there, my guess is that the box will happily do two external inputs (eg foxtel and transact), and those channel numbers are probably different.

How can I setup two external foxtel boxes? Do I choose a different region? And when setup, given the channel numbers will be exactly the same for each, how will it handle switching to the 2nd input?

I picture it working the same as MCE, if you tell it to record one channel, if you then switch to play another, it lets you (and can record it) without giving you the "stop recording this channel message", it just switches to the 2nd source.

At the moment it is just one list of channels and some FTA. I am presuming I need it to at least show double channel lists with (sat) and (cab) alternating or something.