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  1. Thank you so much Darren! All working well now.

    Thank you so much Darren! All working well now.
  2. Can't get past "Connecting"- it fails to connect (N13 error)

    Nothing has changed. My TiVO was tweaked a year ago. It last connected on Wednesday. NBN is working fine. Does anyone have any ideas on what I can do to get my TiVo connecting again? DNS Resolution...
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    I have no epg past Friday

    OK fixed now.
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    I have no EPG past Friday

    OK fixed now.
  5. How long does it take for the full guide data to be available when turned on?

    My TiVo has been returned to me after service by the most wonderful Darren King- he is a miracle champ. I vaguely remember last November when my newly tweaked TiVo was returned to me, it took a day...
  6. Thread: Lost Audio

    by Annieliese

    This happens to me alot with my TiVo- it loses...

    This happens to me alot with my TiVo- it loses sound! It has always come back before after rebooting but today I have rebooted twice, after unplugging for a while then replugging. I have come back...
  7. Seasons Pass First-Run Only but makes repeat copies!

    Hi, I expect others have this issue too. I have various Season passes. With the old TiVo it never re-recorded ones already recorded because I have it set for "First-Run only". However I guess because...
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    Again- no volume on TiVo

    I had this problem late last year and I played around with the remote and the volume came back. But today I have tried everything- resetting the remote, restarting the TiVo, changing channels,...
  9. TiVo has no audio today yet TV itself has audio fine

    I have no audio on my TiVo today - no sound when I click on things, no sound on any programs - recorded or live. I have rebooted the TiVo. I have checked the audio connections on TiVo and TV. All...
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    Only Saturday (today's ) epg

    Is it just me with this situation or does everyone currently have only today's epg? Previously I have had 2-3 days' epg. Is there something I need to do to stimulate a day or so's more epg?
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    Congratulations Darren and other volunteers!...

    Congratulations Darren and other volunteers! fantastic job! Amazing! very well done!
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    I cannot get the "Sisters" series as a seasons pass

    I cannot get the "Sisters" series as a seasons pass. When I do a search I keep getting an old 1938 movie with Bette Davis! I clicked on that and it did record a Sisters episode but I cannot get a...
  13. TiVo desktop no longer works with Music, Photos and Showcases

    Prior to OzTiVo, My Music, Photos and Showcases worked fine, using the TiVo Desktop on my PC. Now after having had my TiVo modded successfully (everything else working fine), it no longer works. When...
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