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As an otherwise satisfied TiVo user, I must warn other users to be extremely cautious before responding to ‘Special Offers’ from TiVo Australia.
In August 2010 I received an e-mail offering a great deal on ‘Expanding my TiVo family’. A second TiVo was offered at a discount of $100, and TiVo stated they would ‘throw in’ a Bonus Wireless Adapter and a Home Networking Package with a combined value of $168.
When responding, I followed TiVo’s order instructions precisely, but when the second TiVo was delivered, there was no ‘Bonus’ included. Fifteen e-mails to TiVo’s ‘Customer Service’ area received either no response (other than automated receipts), and on one occasion an enquiry as to whether I had used their ‘special code’, of which I was unaware. After two weeks of e-mails, I have received no satisfactory response, and I would caution fellow TiVo users against what must appear to be false, misleading and deceptive ‘bait-advertising’. A complaint is being lodged with the NSW Fair Trading Department, but I do not expect any resolution.
As a further caution, TiVo added to the advertised discounted price of the second TiVo G ods and Services Tax of $56.73 and Freight of $25.00, so their resulting price was only $75 less than Dick Smith’s RRP. Buying from a retailer would probably have gained a discount of this amount, and would also have avoided my waiting at home for two days in anticipation of the stated ‘approximate’ delivery date which needed a signed receipt.
“Caveat Emptor’ was the old warning, and is still very applicable today!

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  1. petestrash's Avatar
    The email you received linked to a page on mytivo which explained the terms and conditions (no longer available). This included instructions on how to purchase the package using the promotional code given.

    It is unfortunate that you did not enter the code into the promotional Code box when checking out the TiVo.

    It's not great customer service that they have not given it to you, but I can understand them wanting to protect the deal from being used by someone after the event if they had found the code on the internet.