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    Lightbulb FAQ: New Zealand Emulator(s) and Setup

    The post below is preserved and now extended to provide instructions for setup against the New Zealand emulators. It will be updated from time to time with new information.


    The New Zealand TiVo community runs two emulators both on the same IP address;, but different ports
    • Port 80 is termed the "Legacy" emulator and supports the users who have setup against the original EDulator and the community's original headends for sky digital and saturn analogue.
    • Port 8000 is the "current". It consists of the new headends and new guide generation work that has been undertaken over many months (almost years) of volunteer work.

    ALL new installations should be run against the port 8000 emulator.


    The New Zealand emulator is known to support the ozTivo 3.0 images (ie. the New Zealand images) and the UK 2.5.5 software.

    The emulator on port 8000 supports FTA headends for Dunedin, Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland. Headends for Sky digital, Saturn Analogue and Digital. And dual source combinations of Satellite and FTA. Freeview is a work in progress.

    Various Notes:-

    The 'community guide' is sourced from a community effort and is created daily courtesy of jaidev (thanks!).

    As usual, use at your own risk, YMMV, if it blows up your TiVo, drinks all the beer in your 'fridge, and leaves dirty socks on the table it's not my fault... Ed.

    Setup instructions:-
    • Download the appropriate NZ image for your tivo (see this thread) and get it networked. The NZ images will automatically setup against the correct emulator (not the legacy!).
    • Plug your tivo into the TV via the video out jack on the back. Reboot, run guided setup with the following options:
      • You'll see "TiVo Service Terms"
      • Press 'select' to go to next screen
      • "Program Source" Select Cable and press "Select" for a single source either Sky, Saturn or FTA.
        Note: if you want mutiple sources eg. FTA and Sky, then you need to select 'Cable and Satellite'. If you are going dual input then look here for more detail on the setup of two sources. The zipcode you will want is 02112 for US 3.0 images or 212x for UK, FTA becomes the cable inpute and Sky is the satellite input.
      • "Zip Code", Enter 021xx
        - For a complete list of current postcodes look at this thread.
      - Note that UK 2.5 images only see the first entry (Auckland) in multiple headends like 02112.
      If this is you, easy fix, select the appropriate single headend from the 0212x series.
      • "Time Zone" Doesn't matter.. just select the first one (Eastern) and press "Select"
      • "Daylight Savings" be sure to select "no" and press 'select' button
      • "Area Code" Enter 002 and press 'Select'
      • "Phone Dialing Options" select 'no : continue' and press 'select' on 3.0 images. Note for the UK 2.5.5 software you'll need to enter the broadband dialing code ",#401"
      • "Setup Call" Press select to go past this screen
      • It will take a while to connect and do it's thing. The tivo will connect and download the headend, logo slices, IR slice and any messages.
        - Let it do its thing (go make a coffee)
      • When finished press 'select'
      • "Dial In Numbers" choose 'none of the above' and press 'select'
      • "No local Numbers" choose 'sales and marketing program' and press 'select'
      • For single source setups
        • "Cable box" select yes and press 'select'
        • "Cable Providers" choose 'Sky Digital, NZ', 'Saturn Analogue, NZ', 'Saturn digital, NZ' or the FTA 'Dunedin, NZ', 'Christchurch, NZ' and so on as required.
      • For dual source cable and satellite setups...
        • Select your satellite provider as your external STB as above, Sky, Saturn and so on.
        • When prompted for your cable provider select "No, I do not have a cable box"
        • You will get a list of citys for which there are FTA headends. Select the right one...
        • Select the corresponding service package
      • Add all channels, can be changed later
      • For single input users
        • the screen then asks about how the box is connected, set to appropriate choice for your environment (either composite a/v in or s-video).
      • For dual input users
        • You will need to select the satellite box for the 1st source
        • Leave the 2nd source as "Cable w/o a box - coax RF in only" ie. Antenna
      • For cable box brand common NZ configurations should be supported.
        • For sky PACE works and Zenith and Motorola have been added to the IR slice which was previously downloaded.
        • Saturn analogue uses 'General Instruments 10006-fast'.
        • Saturn digital uses 'OzTivo Austar'
        • Note if you are running a dual setup you will need to select the type of communications as 'infared' for your satellite box.
      • Let it do it's daily call bit for guide data.
    • You're done with G/Setup, reboot. (probably more than once)
    If you didn't get your vcr/cable box working you will need to make a tcl script go to the oztivo site for instructions on how to do this. Once completed upload it to the oztivo IR database so it falls into the next IR slice and put onto thethe emulator for next time.

    After your reboot you should be up (though as always the machine will need to think for a few hours before it's really ready to run, but live tv and such will work fine).

    • Existing legacy users wanting to convert to the new system will need to do a clear and delete everything then rerun guided setup against port 8000. That is edit you /etc/tclient.conf and change port 80 to 8000.
      There are no plans to discontinue service on the legacy port 80 at this stage, although there are significant advantages of being on the current emulator.
    • An existing machine (installed via the command line/add channels bit) can be converted to the emulator with minimal fuss. Go into messages & setup:system reset, and choose "repeat guided setup". Then follow the instructions as above. I just did this with mine, and all existing recordings, season passes, and all items on the to-do list were preserved. Note of course that you will need to configure the tivo such that it will do guided setup (on the oztivo image this is done from tivoweb under the PAL/NTSC link, if using an older image you may need a different method of changing to NTSC or PAL+GS). The entire process took about an hour and a half.
    Change Log:-

    Update 1 May '04
    IP address changed; webhost moved to new upstream providor.

    Update 16 August '04
    Added link for thread documenting how to edit files.

    Update 17 August '04
    Note- if converting from loadguide/manual setup to emulator, as per the 18 Apr. update, you also need to edit tclient.conf (otherwise the Tivo will be talking to the Aussie emulator, and it won't work so hot...)

    Update 1 October '04
    Added support for Saturn cable, modified instructions to reflect this.

    Update 13 November '04
    IP address changed; webhost moved.

    Update 16 November '04
    Added option for DNS.

    Update 23 January '05
    IP address changed; webhost moved.

    Update 25 October '05
    As of this date I (Ed) no longer run the NZ emulator, it is now hosted by Wibble and tweaked by DJC. Emulator IP address changed to

    Update 7th February '06
    New headend construction system created and in testing.

    Update 12th February '06
    Logo slice recompiled on port 8000 to make an empty logo index 65536 to avoid cartoon network being the default for unknown.
    Headends logo indexed to remove the need for manual association, or reassociation on any significant headend changes.

    Update 17th February '06
    NZ Zenith and Motorola IR codes uploaded to oztivo and new IR slice incorporated into port 8000 emulator.

    Update 20th February '06
    Port 80 verifed as working with emuProxy workaround for ISP proxies.

    Update 23th February '06
    02115 and 02116 postcode for saturn digital verified working - ZM.

    Update 25th February '06
    New community guide data slices namings implimented on port 8000. Emulator messages updated.

    Update 1st March '06
    The NZ emulators have been changed with the introduction of a new setup much more aligned to the current oztivo emulator
    - Port 80 is now called the "Legacy Emulator"
    - Port 8000 is now the main "Emulator"
    All new guided setups should be done against port 8000. The new zealand images are pre-configured to GS against port 8000.

    Update 1st August '06
    Added postcode 02111 as a test for freeview satellite lineup

    Update 25 November '06
    Linked out headend details to another thread

    Update 20 May '07
    Spelling corrections
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