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Thread: Tivo problems

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    Tivo problems

    Hi there everyone . I am so upset, my Tivo was working fien and now it's all messed up. i was hoping someone might be able to help me.

    I noticed for the past several days that the orange light on the Tivo was on permanently so I checked and it seemed like the daily call had frozen in the middle of indexing guide data. So I restarted tivo. Then I discoverd that the season passes were messed up. Even though there was plently of guide data, it wouldn't recognize upcoming programs. I tried several things, restarted and downloaded fresh guide data but still no joy.

    SO, I decided to clear all the guide listings, hoping that it would fix the problem. And, of course, I now have no guide data. After it cleared everything I attempted to make a daily call and it didn't work. I have now tried it several times and restarted etc. It is able to make the daily call fine but then afterwards it doesn't index any data.

    I tried to force it to do so using force_index30.tcl but nothing happens with that either. It said "Sweep done (eSucceeded)". The call appears to be successful but I don't know why it's not getting any data.

    Does anyone know what I should do. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,

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    Ok I just wanted to let you kow that I tihinkI have solved my problem by re-doing guided setup. I guess I will find out when it finishes indexing!

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    It sounds like you have got it going again, post back if there are still issues.

    Quote Originally Posted by star
    I tried to force it to do so using force_index30.tcl but nothing happens with that either. It said "Sweep done (eSucceeded)".
    That is part of the solution if this occurs again.

    The call light being stuck on, can happen occasionally. If the tivo is reset within a day it normally works out ok. But if you leave it longer, you end up with the warped clock issue. when the clock is warped it will no longer record season passes.

    2 steps are needed to fix this.

    [TiVo [p0] ~]# touch /var/timestamp
    [TiVo [p0] ~]# /hack/bin/force_index30.tcl
    The first tells the TiVo there is no warped clock, the second reindexes and will set season passes.

    Please search this forum and our Website for your TiVo questions before starting a new thread. Thanks!

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