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Thread: new tivo - can't ping....

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    new tivo - can't ping....


    i've just gotten a new tivo which has been previously pal-modded and a network was added by Darren.

    I have the tivo up and running but as it was set up for a user in nsw - i believe i need to run the guided setup to change the details to melb vic (where i am).

    i am using a cat5 crossover cable to connect the tivo to a laptop which is also connected to a wireless network for internet access - thus i'm trying to use the laptop as a bridge for the tivo.

    my problem is that i can't find the ip address of the tivo - i've tried the reccomended actions from minie's how to guide and tried to use the "ip scanner"

    it's driving me mad - any help would be great.


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    Assuming that you are using Windows XP as a bridge, and you are getting ip addresses handed out by your router, you should be able to log into the router and find out what IP address has been assigned to your TiVo.

    If however Windows XP is handing out DHCP stuff, then I would check to see what range XP sets (which I seem to remember is 192.168.0.x if you turn on ICS -- Internet Connection Sharing)

    Hopefully this will give you a leg up in finding your TiVo's IP address.

    Worse comes to worse, you could always hit "Redo Guided Setup" from the "Messages and Setup" menu somewheres.

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    My advice: Download the latest R1.5 20051128 image and redo the install. The latest image has a working internally generated mail message that will report the IP address, or at the very least you can set up for a static IP address from the image install CD networking menu.

    Either that or if you have a serial cable you can keep the current image and plug the serial cable in and get a bash prompt up on your computer running a termainal program set at 9600 baud 8N1 parity and type nic_config_tivo to change your networking options.

    Quote Originally Posted by tenty
    Worse comes to worse, you could always hit "Redo Guided Setup" from the "Messages and Setup" menu somewheres.
    Not unless he is in NTSC mode he won't as it will kick back to the main menu.

    The procedure to redo Guided Setup on an already running TiVo is as follows, however it is catch 22 as he can't find his IP address:

    1. Gain access to TiVoWEB by pointing your web browser at the IP address of the TiVo

    2. Go to the PAL/NTSC tab

    3. From within this menu pick "Set PAL Guided Setup Mode"

    4. Reboot TiVo

    5. When you get the main menu appear on the TiVo, go into "Messages And Setup" and then "System Reset" then "Repeat Guided Setup"

    Then follow the instuctions here:

    As mentioned above you cannot simply skip directly to step 5. It does not work while your TiVo is in normal operating mode, only in "Maintenance Mode". You can try, but you will keep getting kicked back to the main menu as you are now aware from already trying it this way.
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    Thanks Darren for the help.

    Giving it a go on the weekend. Hopefully it all goes to plan.



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