My Tivo has stopped recording programmes of it's own accord! There's plenty of disc space, I've thumbs upped several programmes, recorded lots of others, but Tivo doesn't go off and record it's own suggestions, in fact it's not making any! It's also not finding future programmes, ie I have a season pass for 'Top Gear', when I looked for future episodes, it says there aren't any, even thogh I know there was one shown on the current guide data!
Maybe I've just got a bad batch of guide data? or something more sinister?
Maybe related, maybe not, my NoNag channel is showing 'to be announced' so I getting nagged to death, as I've only got 1 days guide data left.
anyone any ideas?

btw, OzTivo image 3.0v1.4
NZ emulator, no idea which one.