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    Complete Logo Slice (NZ)

    I've manufacured a relatively complete logo slice for the 02113 postcode. Source logos from various locations credits to those artists.

    The slice is part of the beta emulator on orac, the port 8000 one.

    To access it you'll need to run a GS against that emulator. If you have a previous logo slice added you'll need to do a ClearAndDelete .. then GS.

    Te beta emulator is running the standard headends. This probably won't change for a while as I'm busy with other work.

    The beta emulator receives the same daily dev slices as orac's main emulator. If you are on the dev emulator [as wanted points out] and have no logos, you can just switch in to get the logo slice.

    Once you've GS'ed againt the beta emulator, you can move off it back to the main orac emulator without issue.

    Slice number is 151, yes it took that many versions to get a stable slice.

    If you have loaded other emulator slices like logos-67 ... stardard-110 ... canda's merged slices to bootstrap tivoweb for manual logo uploading, you'll need to clear and delete before loading this slice. They all use the same LogoGroup ServerId's.

    If you have no logos and don't use an emulator, grab the slice from orac's ftp, dbload it and automatically associate logos.

    Once you have GS'ed and rebooted then its a matter of going into tivoweb, and doing a one click associate as per the image below, all logos should automatically link up (the current headend doesn't have the linking id's for automatic association).

    Experimental ... using myself ... interested in testers ... and better logos.

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