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Thread: Is there a way to bypass GuidedSetup

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    Is there a way to bypass GuidedSetup

    Is there a way to bypass guidedsetup ?
    I am actually living in Israel, so I will not be using the programming guide. I just want to use the TiVo as a VCR.
    (Mainly I am trying to avoid the network setup).



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    Hi Gideon,

    I don't know the answer for sure but have a couple of things to try:

    1. Change the bootpage paramater to remove the GS=1 flag. You could use TiVoWeb to do this ("PAL NTSC" -> "Set PAL") or alternatively use the methods described in this HowTo:

    2. /etc/rc.d/ includes these lines:

    # Keep Guided Setup from bothering us
    # Actually, we want GS to bother comment it out
    You could uncomment the line with fixup30.tcl.

    BTW the TiVo nags you when it doesnt have guide data.

    Hope this helps.

    Cheers, Dave.
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