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Thread: Shipping options from the US?

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    Shipping options from the US?

    I'm getting a TIVO with a Turbonet card shipped over (no remote/manuals though but that won't reduce the weight by much?). The guy is being a pain with the shipping though.

    Can anyone tell me how much it costs to ship to Aus and what the options are? I've read that USPS is by far the cheapest and I've read the example in the FAQ but that only has one form of shipping in it. Thanks for any info anyone can provide.

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    Hi John,Go to the usps website ( and go to 'calculate shipping costs' enter in the weight and it will give you several shipping options with cost estimates.

    I just got a series 1 phillips sent via air mail and that cost about US$80 and took 2 weeks. The much cheaper sea shipping will cost about $20 and can take around 8 weeks. My tivo package ended up weighing about 16 pounds.



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    Thanks for that. Ended up doing that but for 17 pounds as the seller weighed it. Got insurance for it as well, which was surpisingly cheap with USPS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by prinkles View Post
    This is a normal and common procedure. Area codes cannot cover expanding territories for years. With proper notice, a code change should not bring any inconveniences. Especially in view of widespread mobile connection and alternative means of communication. Look there, codes keep changing all the time and it does not affect anything seriously. You just need to know new dialing rules, that?s it.
    Thank you for your reply 15+ years after the OP. My Tivo is long gone now unfortunately. I miss those days. Oh how TV viewing has changed.

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