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Thread: Quick Few Questions about the TIVO before i decide to buy one

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    Quick Few Questions about the TIVO before i decide to buy one

    Hi All

    Saw a TiVo in action in Melbourne last time i was down there and thought it was awesome. Now i find out they are a lot cheaper then i thought so i have a few questions before i decide. Now i am sorry that the questions are so dumb but just want to clarify everything before i make a decission.

    1) video formats. Now from what i have read it seems like the TiVo can only play in the format it records at. So that means if i have AVI's or other computer based video files i cant play it through the TiVo?

    2)Now I am on Optus Cable so obviously have to have it on the network, do i have to get the turbonet card or can you add a basic network card to it?

    3) We have foxtel digital. can we record a show on a different channel to what we are watching?

    4) Can you record multiple channels at once?

    5) Can you convert the recorded programs to a format viewable on a PC?

    6) I have thought about building a Media PC to do a similar thing, apart form the media pc taking me a lot more time and money to set up, is there anything the TiVo can do that the PC can't and vica versa.

    Thanks in advance from a TiVo wanna be

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    Hey Qaz,

    I feel a little awkward helping as I had so much trouble and needed so much help myself that it feels weird being the one not asking!

    However from what I know:

    1) I don't think that you would be using it much for watching anything other than what you recorded. From what I have read, (HEAPS!) it is fairly unusual to use it to playback anything other than what you actually record yourself. Which isn't to say it is impossible but just isnt generally used for that.

    2) Unless you were very keen ie able to modify the board, you will need either a Turbocard, a serial cable or able to use the onboard modem. The turbocard is by far the best, I beleive you can use the onboard modem but it would it may need to have a sympathetic phone number?!? The serial cable is a pain in the ***, I know because I spent a frig load of time playing with it when my turbocard was broken. It is very temperamental and not very useful.

    3) Im only going on New Zealands satellite set up but the answer here is no you cant watch sport on one channel while recording something on another. Unless you were watching say a Free to air channel via your normal aerial. You can however watch something you have already recorded while recording something else which is pretty cool.

    4) No not with only one Tivo!

    5) Yes you can there is a fair amount of stuff on the How-to's for this. I understand it is very straight forward I think you just need to play around with the settings. Im going to start doing this very soon... will let you know more soon.

    6) I have played around for about 18 months with different Media centre PC's and they have nothing on the TIVO. It is FAR FAR superior to anything I have experienced on the PC. The best thing about the Tivo is that you have a easy to use intuitive interface to record your shows on. Even a very nicely set up Media PC is only a glorified VCR compared to TIVO's programming guide. Ok with the Media PC you still get the chasing playback, but you dont get stuff like Season Passes, whereby the TIVO records every show that season. I think from experience the better solution is to spend the money on the Tivo and use it in conjunction with the Media PC.

    Because of a dud Turbocard I spent the better part of 3 weeks playing with this thing and was very very frustrated but I have found that since getting it going it is the best toy I have bought in the past 5 years.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Marv
    I have found that since getting it going it is the best toy I have bought in the past 5 years.
    Hi Marv,

    It's great to hear that you've got it going.

    Qaz, if Marv, after his experience is so pleased with it - it must good .

    Cheers, Dave.
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    im a bit late on the thread and marv has answered all your questions but here's another vote to tivo vs htpc

    before i got my tivo i was also looking at a htpc. here's why i chose tivo ( and am so thankful that i did )

    tivo has electronic program guide. htpc doesn't. navigate it to select which shows you want to record. kind of like foxtel digital tv guide but imagine a button that says record this show ( no programming times etc. ) this also allows you use season passes where tivo will record all episodes of a show you like regardless of what time they are on!!

    i couldn't find a decent htpc tuner card for foxtel digital ( that has a CAM for your legit foxtel card and also decodes the NDS encryption )

    htpc was a lot more expensive

    my fiance understands how to use tivo, i think a htpc is too steep a curve when it comes to navigating menus and actually doing things.

    if you want files stored on a pc in your living room, you could get one of these ( plus a tivo ) and you'd still be ahead!
    its not that im lazy, its that i just dont care

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