Hi all,

Long time TiVo user here.

Im onto my last TiVo HD, having been through 2 others that have died on me.

Lately it started intermittantly ignoring the remote control, no yellow LED on the front either, now its not responding at all.

I have tried, replacing the front panel with IR reciever, flex cable between the front and main boards, 3 different remote controls, resetting the remote controls to "0", different known working hard drive with TiVo image and reinstalling the OzTiVo mods to its HDD. HDD passes all tests no errors and I have done a full surface scan.

At first I thought it might be IR interferenance from anther source, nope.

I can put the remote right in front of the IR receiver window and get no responce.

Before I go to the "dark side" and buy a Fetch Mighty, is there anything anyone can think of to try?

Thanks and thanks again to all who got the TiVos working so well here in Aus, from the very first PAL modded series one to the HD.

PS, I still have my series one, somewhere.