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Thread: WIN & SCA swapping 9 & 10 related channels - July 2021

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    Sent to you via PM David. Thanks for your assistance.

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    Darling Downs, 5 is "Nine" should be "Ten"

    Hi David,

    thanks for your help.

    On my tivo,
    Darling Downs, Qld (Toowoomba), number 5 is showing as "Nine" but should be "Ten"

    To be honest, don't use it much, but occasionally. Still be good to get it right.

    Thanks again...

    Quote Originally Posted by whatdoyaknow View Post
    Hi David, busy for the rest of the week so please try doing the channel swaps - seems to be the same going by a quick read.

    I do note that channel 8 and channel 5 need swapping. Ch 8 on Tivo is now Ch9 network (was 10 network) and 5 on Tivo is Ch10 "Southern Cross 10" (was 9).

    Plus the other channels Go, Gem etc

    Many thanks...


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